IMVAC USA is the world’s most anticipated vibration analysis and condition monitoring conference. First held in Orlando, Florida in 2016, the conference has grown to be the largest and most important condition monitoring conference on the planet. If you work in one of the condition monitoring industries and live in the USA (or anywhere else for that matter) this is the only conference you need to attend this year. Find out more about what IMVAC USA is and how it works below or go straight to the registration page to book your ticket today.

What is IMVAC USA?

The International Machine Vibration and Condition Monitoring Conference (IMVAC) is North America’s most highly regarded CBM conference that is completely dedicated to the machine vibration industry and all of the associated condition monitoring industries. Because the industry is so diverse and segregated, we bring all of the industry subsets together under one roof. This includes:

  • Vibration analysis: the way to detect slight changes in vibrations that occur as a result of machines suffering faults
  • Infrared thermography: thermal imaging technology that is used to detect manufacturing faults
  • Wear debris analysis: oil sample analysis used to detect metal wear particles and other contaminants
  • Motor testing: measuring motor currents to uncover faults in supply voltage
  • Ultrasound: high frequency technology used to detect friction, turbulence or impacts within machines
  • Lubrication: ensuring the long life of mechanical parts through proper lubrication
  • Condition monitoring: appropriate condition and functioning can extend lifespan
  • Alignment and balance: minimizing centrifugal forces to decrease strain and improve the reliability of machinery.

Over three to four days, IMVAC USA attendees will get the opportunity to hear from the industry’s biggest names and thought leaders, discover new technology and learn strategies that they can start implementing in their business as soon as they get home. The entire conference is hosted in the Orlando Florida B Resort and Spa hotel that is located within Walt Disney World. This makes IMVAC not only a fantastic place to upgrade your industry knowledge and expand your network, but also to discover one of the best places on earth.

Who should consider attending IMVAC USA?

If you work in the vibration analysis and condition monitoring industries, you should absolutely consider attending IMVAC USA. This is especially true if you live in the States, but we also welcome attendees from all over the globe. If there’s one condition monitoring conference you are thinking of attending this year, make it IMVAC USA. Both technical and managerial positions will find value at our conference. And returners will find it just as valuable as first-time attendees.

Why should you attend IMVAC USA?

There are many reasons why our guests choose to attend IMVAC USA. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. This is the largest and best vibration analysis and condition monitoring conference in the world. Only at our series of conferences can you find the level of industry insight that you need to improve the way that you work, and IMVAC USA is the biggest of them all.
  2. We provide an exceptional learning experience. Attend, and you will have access to three keynote speeches and over 50 industry presentations from experts across America and across the world. You’ll also have access to hundreds of companies on show in the exhibition hall and the IMVAC bookstore—a wide selection of books on vibration and condition monitoring technologies.
  3. You get the chance to network with other professionals just like you. Condition monitoring can be a sheltered industry, so many attendees love the opportunity to mix with their peers and grow their network.
  4. You’ll hear from the biggest names and the brightest minds in the industry. This could be people like our founder, Jason Tranter, who will discuss new approaches and the new challenges facing our industry.
  5. Over the course of the three to four days, you’ll discover new things about the industry (techniques, tools, approaches) that you can implement back at home to change the way in which you and your company do business.

You shouldn’t need any more reasons than this. Head on over to the registration page to book your ticket today.

How to convince your boss to let you attend IMVAC USA

If we have convinced you to attend IMVAC USA, the next step is for you to convince your boss. Some may be lucky in that their bosses instantly understand the value that a conference like IMVAC USA can bring. Others may need a bit of convincing. We recommend using the following reasons to convince your boss:

IMVAC USA lets you meet and greet industry leaders

Working in our industries you don’t get many opportunities to meet vibration analysis and condition monitoring experts. That’s why it is so important to grab them when they come around. At IMVAC USA we make huge efforts to book the biggest names in the industry for our speaking engagements. The names don’t get bigger than here. But you don’t just get the opportunity to hear them at IMVAC USA, you also get the chance to meet and greet them throughout the event over refreshments, lunch and dinner.

IMVAC USA lets you grow and cultivate your network

In this industry, it is important to grow your network to increase your knowledge and improve your business. Meeting like-minded professionals isn’t that easy. In fact, there’s only one place to really do it. And that is at IMVAC USA. Only here do we bring the best and brightest from our industry together so that you can make friends, trade ideas and grow your businesses together.

IMVAC USA helps you to stay ahead of the curve

Using the best equipment and the latest techniques is essential to doing a good job. That’s why it is so important to expand your knowledge and make sure that you are up to date on the latest trends. For many, the simplest way to do this is to attend IMVAC USA. Nowhere else (apart from our other conferences) do vibration analysis and condition monitoring professionals get to learn about everything new in their industry over the course of just a few short days. What you learn at IMVAC USA could change your business for good.

Still need help convincing your boss? We have the tools you need

If the above points weren’t enough to convince your boss, we provide you with helpful worksheets and templates that are sure to get the job done. Download them now on our dedicated page.

Where is IMVAC USA held?

IMVAC USA is held at the Orlando, Florida B Resort and Spa. This hotel is located inside the Walt Disney World Resort, which means that attendees will be able to take advantage of a number of special benefits including a complimentary shuttle to each of the four theme parks and the Disney Springs Area. It also includes priority seating for Disney dinner shows and theme park restaurants, and preferred tee times at the Disney championship golf courses. The hotel is located just 18 miles from Orlando International airport. The airport does not offer a shuttle service to and from the airport, we have several preferred services which we have scored discounts for.

When is IMVAC USA held?

The IMVAC USA conference is held every year in November. In 2018, for reference, the conference will be held between November 12 and November 15. The weather in Orlando is quite bearable at this time, which makes it the perfect destination for those wanting to escape the cold of home. This also makes it perfect for those professionals looking to explore Disney World or hit the links after the event.

What you should know about attending IMVAC USA

If you are thinking about attending IMVAC USA, here is everything you need to know about the event:

  • We offer two types of tickets to IMVAC USA. Both give you access to all three days of the main conference and to the exhibition hall. But one will give you access to a full bonus day of events that take things to the next level.
  • Whichever ticket you buy entitles you to full access to the conference, including all of the keynote speeches, classes, the exhibition hall, and a welcome gift. It also includes all of your food during the event such as a continental breakfast, refreshments, lunch and dinner. The ticket does not, however, cover accommodation or travel costs.
  • We have secured a special nightly rate at the Orlando Florida B Resort and Spa, but you do not have to stay there if you attend the conference.
  • We have also secured a special discount rate for Disney Theme Park tickets of 10% for day passes of two or more.
  • Wifi is available for free throughout the hotel for the duration of the event.
  • We suggest that attendees wear business or business casual attire throughout the duration of the conference.
  • If you have any special requirements or dietary needs, please let us know in advance.

Earn certifications at IMVAC USA

At IMVAC USA we offer more than just opportunities to expand your industry knowledge and network with your peers, we also offer attendees the opportunity to sit ARP, CMRP, SMRT, ICML and Accredited ISO Vibration Analyst Certification exams. You can find out more about each of these exams below.

ARP Certification

Practitioners and leaders involved with the important role of improving the reliability and performance of an industrial facility should be recognized for their knowledge, experience, and contribution. The Mobius Institute Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) certification scheme will recognize the knowledge and basic experience of people at three levels; the Advocate who contributes to the initiative, the Reliability Engineer, and the Leader of the program. In addition, the certification scheme separately recognizes reliability engineers and leaders who have proven competence.

CMRP Certification

The Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional program is the number one credential for reliability, maintenance and asset management professionals. It is the only industry certification program accredited by the American National Standards Institute, which follows ISO standards.

CMRT Certification

The Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician program is the top credential for reliability and maintenance technicians. Earning this certification shows your level of skill in preventive, predictive and critical maintenance.

ICML Certification

The International Council for Machine Lubrication is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization focused on the growth and development of machine lubrication as a field of technical endeavor. To this end, the organization offers a certification for individuals in machine condition monitoring, oil analysis, and lubrication.

Accredited ISO Vibration Analyst Certification

This certification is provided by the Mobius Institute Board of Certification and is ISO accredited like all of our certifications. If you are a Vibration Analyst who has completed training at ISO I, II, III or IV level with an approved training provider, the Mobius Institute Board of Certification will conduct ISO certification exams at IMVAC USA.


We welcome sponsorship at IMVAC USA. If you would like to sponsor the event, please get in touch with our team, the details of how can be found on the sponsorship page.

What next?

We only host IMVAC USA once a year so we urge you not to miss out. You can register for your ticket today by visiting our USA registration page. Prices start at $899 per person for a standard three-day ticket and $949 for a three-day ticket plus the bonus day. If you have a group of three or more people we are able to offer custom rates if you get in touch.

If you aren’t sure that IMVAC USA is the right conference for you, perhaps one of our other worldwide conferences will be more suitable. You can find out more about them, and about our parent company the Mobius Institute below.

Other IMVAC Events

IMVAC offer a number of other conference locations throughout the year. If you can’t make our conference in the USA because of the destination or the dates, perhaps you are available to attend our conferences in Australia, Asia, the Middle East or Europe. The Australian version of our conference has been going since 2017, is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Our European conference is located in Antwerp, Belgium and has been going since 2017. The latest addition to the IMVAC event listings is our Middle East and Asian conference, which started in Dubai in 2017 and alternates annually between the UAE and Singapore. Each of these events provides all of the opportunities and experiences listed above. So, whichever event you attend, you’ll still get the same great IMVAC experience.

Who runs IMVAC America?

IMVAC is run by the Mobius Institute, a worldwide provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance education to plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring technicians all over the world. With offices in Australia, America, Belgium, Costa Rica and India, the Mobius Institute offers easily understandable and comprehensive training in public, in plant and online, in addition to these fantastic conferences.


Who Should Attend

  • Vibration Analysts
  • Condition Monitoring Professionals
  • Program Managers
  • Overall Industry Professionals

Why Attend

  • Event focused on vibration analysis and condition monitoring technologies
  • Find new voices and experts in maintenance and reliability
  • Build relationships with peers who face the same challenges
  • Unique networking opportunities

What You Get

  • Full access to all conference content streams
  • Access to Exhibition Hall
  • Receive video recordings of all sessions
  • Participate in conference social gatherings